Hi all! Welcome to my third pigeon page...This page will be for updates and more photo's of my pigeons (when available)...I have another cage now that is lxwxh 8'x3'x7' of which I'll probably house my English Carriers (maybe)...At present I have four pairs sitting: pair of Exhibition Homers, two pairs of Dragoons and my blue-check Exhibition Homer hen that mated with a black English Carrier (interesting!)...My young Exhibition Homer is a little over a month old and will have a photo of him (I call him "Squeaky", of all things, a man in his fifties actually naming a pigeon!), and some more Carriers and some nice Dragoons I'm buying from Tom Barnhart, when available...Saied of Austria, sent me a photo attachment of English Carriers and Scandaroons (in case you aren't familiar, the Scandaroons have the curved faces). I used to have Scandaroons years ago and are considered a "rare" breed. Scan down to see Saied's pigeons...I received Tom's Dragoons today and have them in my largest (new) cage....I just removed "Squeaky" and his parents to one of my larger cages along with their eggs....My other Exhibition Homer now had two babies that hatched a few days ago. Now I'm not certain if these are a cross between a Carrier or the Exhibition Homer cock as I never see either sitting? Time will tell! Hope to have more pics up around the 2nd week in May....Just banded my baby birds today....I Emailed Saied and he will be sending me the photo that you see below of the English Carriers and Scandaroons. When I get it I'll scan it to this page...Just found out yesterday that my babies are half-Exhibition Homer and half-English Carrier, as I finally saw the cock Carrier feeding the babies!...I now have two Dragoon babies that hatched on Monday May 11 both parents are blue-bars. My other pair of Dragoons are still sitting but I think the eggs are sterile? My old pair of English Carriers have one egg on 5/22/98. Tonight (5/20/98) I banded my baby Dragoons. I also put "Squeaky" (my young Exhibition Homer) in the same cage with my 5 adult Dragoons. I had to do this as my Exhibition Homer adult pair were running him off as they are still sitting. This is only temporary as I plan to put my babies together in a separate cage as they are able to fend on their own...A note about the Scandaroon. Contrary to what I've heard about Scandaroons having a "bad temperment"? I never noticed this, in fact, they mostly seemed quite docile in nature! I used to let them out and they'd fly up to my garage or home roof and no further. They always seemed comical to me and if there is a "clown" of pigeondom, the Scandaroon has to be it! This is only an observation but buy a couple of pair of a certain breed. You be the judge in how you like or dislike a particular breed. But please remember, your pigeons will suit you very well if you return the same favor in return! Today (6=11=98) my pair of Exhibition Homers laid her first egg! Both my Dragoon and Eng.Exhibition Homer-Carrier babies are still weaning. Friday, June 19 my Exhibition Homer-English Carrier matings-hen laid new egg. I bought a pair of English Carriers and a pair of Scandaroons, all good quality. I'll probably have some new photo's up sometime in July! My Exhibition Homer eggs should hatch any day now. Today (6-30-98) my two Exhibition Homer eggs hatched! My two Exhibition Homer-English Carrier cross, take more after the English Carrier except the eyes (which might very well stay "pearl" color) are more like the Exhibition Homer. I should have a new page with more photo's of some of my "new" pigeons in July sometime. I have three very nice pairs of Dragoons for sale at $40 per pair plus shipping. If interested, than please email me at: dan51@pacbell.net. Today (7-7-98) I banded my two baby Exhibition Homers. Today (7-15-98) The new pair of English Carriers laid an egg. Some of my latest updates: I banded my baby Dragoons today (8-11-98). My little Exhibition Homer is coming along fine (I call it "Speedy" as he runs around). On 8.22.98 I have 2 baby Dragoons that had the 2 blue-bars recently. The other young Dragoon I noticed this morning was being weaned by my female English Carrier? I don't know if it's parents are not feeding it, as they are sitting again? My silver-bar Exhibition Homer is coming along nice and is looking more like it's papa. At present I have: 14 Dragoons, 5 English Carriers, 5 Exhibition Homers and 2 Exhibition Homer-English Carrier mixed. The pigeons won't be available for shipping until the Fall as the temperature is too warm to ship. Today (9.3.98) I banded my two baby Dragoons. In the fancy, Dan.

These are Scandaroons and English Carriers