Dan's Pigeons
Introduction and photo's of pigeons.
Birdie's Page
Pigeon photo's and good info on pigeons etc. Don't miss her other Show Racer and other Pigeon info at the bottom. It's a "must-see"!
Tom Barnhart's Pigeon Website
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"The Pigeon Cote"
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Racing Pigeons All Over The World
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Some thought on how the English Carrier came about and some photo's of some of my English Carriers.
Robert Tauscher's American Dragoon Club Page.
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Arizona Pigeon Club
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NPA "National Pigeon Association" Home page.
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LAPC "Los Angeles Pigeon Club"
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Frank's Pigeon Page
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Central Pacific Pigeon Club
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Bear Valley Lofts
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Rare Breed Pigeon Club
Lists all of the rare pigeon breeds. Other info and links. Nice!
drbastian's pigeon page! part 3
My latest pigeon page.
Jon's Roller pigeon page
Very nice and infomative!
Dan's Pigeons
My new pigeon site.
Welcome to my second pigeon page!...A little about me. I'm Dan and have been both on and off raising pigeons over the years. This was due to living in apartment complexes where it wasn't allowed or impracticle. I had my first pair of pigeons at 12 back in 1958. They were English Exhibition Homers which I aquired for $15! That does seem high, and it was in '58 but recently I paid $200 per pair for simular quality!!! I've had several breeds of pigeons over the years but am partial to the wattle and homer types of pigeons. Some of the breeds I've had are: Archangels, Antwerps (short faced), Dragoons, Carriers, Exhibition Homers, Show Homers, Show Racers, Scandaroons, Barbs, Fantails, German Beauty Homers, Racing Homers, Monks, Mookies, Nuns, Russian and English Trumpeters, Chinese and African Owls, Rollers and Tumblers, Baghdads, Persian Carriers and several others....Several years ago I was a member of the LAPC (Los Angeles Pigeon Club) and faithfully attended the monthly meetings and Pigeon Shows in the LA area. I really loved those times meeting other fanciers and buying, selling and trading birds. I used to sell some Scandaroons to George Neuerburg (listed in "The Pigeon" as a prime fancier of the Scandaroon!)....At this point in time I have three breeds of pigeons: English Carriers, Dragoons and Exhibition Homers....Pigeons are in a short supply out here as are pigeon supplies. Go back to my first page to see link to photo's of my pigeons.
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