Welcome to my 6th pigeon page. I'll have more questions and answers on pigeon related stuff. Photo's etc. Thanks for coming! Dan Bastian.
Q: Should I breed my pigeons in the summertime? A: There are pro's and con's on this issue. I personally let the pigeons decide for themselves. If you breed during the summer make sure that they have plenty of fresh water to drink and a bowl for bathing. Pigeons will want to bathe and will use their drinking water bowl if a bowl for bathing is not there!
Q: I've heard the terms: dominent and recessive traits in relation to pigeons. Could you please tell me what this means? A: Yes. A dominent trait is a trait that shows up a majority of the time and would be a "characteristic" of a certain breed (such as, the fan shaped tail on a Fantail pigeon). A recessive trait is a trait that can show up but is rare (such as getting red young from two non red Chinese Owl pigeons) where red is a recessive color in this breed. Pigeons carry both genes for dominent and recessive traits. Recessive traits can lay "dormant" (hidden) for several generations and all-of-a-sudden reappear. This is what makes breeding pigeons interesting!
Q: I have some pigeons that I would like to show but don't know anything about it, could you give me some information? Thanks in advance. A: Yes, however It'll be a long answer. First of all, I've never personally showed any pigeons but had been to several shows and even aided in grooming my friends pigeons for a show. There are so many different sized shows across the country and you must check with the people that are running the shows as to the official rules and regulations. In large shows such as the NPA (National Pigeon Association) there are thousands of pigeons entered! You must get an application form and fill out the pertinent information, such as: band number, color, gender, one year or two year old or older, breed of pigeon(s). Most shows will only accept non-split banded birds and I suggest NPA bands as they are recognized everywhere! There are some shows that may accept "split-bands" but have to be registered as "old" birds (2 years or older). There is a minimal cost to enter each bird of a couple of dollars or less and if you're a member (of the show that is being sponsored) a lot of times they give discount rates. You must make sure that the pigeons you want to enter are: clean, of good type, even temperment. A "calm" pigeon is very important, as you might have a fine specimen that you want to enter but if that bird is nervous or flighty than it's better not to show it. After you've submitted your forms and paid the fee's you take your birds to an area for "grooming" (this is minor grooming such as plucking a feather or two, combing out the feathers etc. When the pigeons are ready for judging all owners and friends must leave. They are very strict in this respect. The only personel allowed now are the judges, security and others that are involved with the judging of the pigeons. In a large meet with several thousands of birds being judged, it may take 2 or 3 days until the judging is finished and all are satisfied. After the judging is "official" there is a time for viewing all the entrants. This to me is a very exciting time as you see all these "wonderful" pigeons before your own eye's. Believe me, there is nothing like it! After the viewing the pigeons are taken out to an area where the owners can either offer their pigeons for sale or sell egg's of or offer "stud service" or trades. This is a nice time also as you can get to "have a feel" for what show birds run to. Please note, this is an example of a large pigeon show. Always check with the organization as to all the pertinent information!
Q: James of England writes: I have had several enquiries from the US in relation to my Racing Homers. Do you know an agent preferably in the mid west? A: Sorry, I don't. I recommended a couple of sources to James. Please refer to my homepage! If you know of an agent in the mid-west or east or west, please contact me and I'll forward your email to James or contact him directly under my link "TUMLEYLOFT"! Thanks much!

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