My new photo's From left to right: pair of Dragoons (that had the babies below), "Squeaky" my young gray-bar Exhibition Homer, "Handsome" my black old English Carrier male, "Handsome" again (in profile), "Handsome's" mate "Beautiful" (black and white pied) English Carrier, Blue check baby from my Carrier-Exhibition Homer mating, Five Dragoons and one English Carrier (male) on perch, My Exhibition Homer "Squeaky" (a very good quality "show type"), The other black baby from my Carrier-Exhibition Homer breeding, Dragoon and "Squeaky" on perch, My two Dragoon babies (both blue-bars), Dragoon and "squeaky", My mated pair of black English Carrier and gray-check Exhibition Homer...Hope you like the photo's. In the fancy, Dan.

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