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Hello and welcome to my page! Im Dinker and 52 yo and divorced now for over 9 years. I'm 5'10" and 165 lbs with distinct abdominal muscles. I have gray eyes and blonde hair. I'm distinctive in that sometimes I like to wear shiny black patent leather pants and shoes. I love the distinctive aroma of sycamore, cedar and pine trees and musk and other sweet and sensual odors. I'm kind and romantic in nature and like children and would love to have a family. I live in the Los Angeles area of California in the USA. I'm interested in meeting women whom are romantic and will try and want a good strong family life. I prefer women from 22-42 5'3"-5'10" with weight in proportion to height. Smoking and moderate drinking is alright. I want a woman whom is serious and truthful with me as this is very important to me! She must have at least a high school education. I smoke cigars and cigarettes and drink moderately. I work at home composing logic puzzles for a magazine here in the USA. I have 3 years of college and a couple of special courses in paralegalism. Being a libra (Oct 05, 1946) I know how to romance a woman. I'm strictly a "one-woman-man" and will do my best to please my special ladyfair. I like a lot of things, some are: trips to the mountains and beach, quiet walks and talks with my lady, tennis, fishing, chess, movies, theatre, concerts, some tv and radio, surfing the web on my pc, romance etc. If you're interested then please email me at: and we can get to know each other better...LOVE...DINKER

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