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Hi! Welcome to my coin page.

I have the following US certified coins for sale. The cost includes postage and insurance. 1830 50C VF35 o-119 $125.00, 1823 50C F15 o-105 $125.00, 1866 50C VF35 $125.00, 1837 50C VF30 BREEN-4732 $175.00. All of these 50 cent pieces are certified by ANACS....1861 Half Dime AU58 $200.00, 1857-o Half Dime EF45 $150.00, 1842 Half Dime EF45 $125.00, 1852 Half Dime AU55 $175.00. All Half Dimes certified by ANACS..... 1810 Half Cent F15 $150.00, 1825 Half Cent VF20 C-2 $150.00, 1828 Half Cent (12 stars) EF45 C-2 $300.00, 1826 Half Cent EF40 $175.00, 1829 Half Cent EF45 $175.00. All Half Cents are certified by ANACS.... 1851 Silver 3 Cent EF45 $150.00, 1857 Silver 3 Cent EF45 BREEN-2923 $225.00. Both 3 Cent pieces are certified by ANACS.....1823/2 Large Cent VG8 $250.00 ANACS, 1852 (Type 1) $1 Gold piece AU50 $325.00 PCGS, 1826 Half Cent VF30 $150.00 PCGS, 1864 2 Cent Piece EF45 (large motto) ANACS $110.00. If interested in any of these coins, please email me. Scroll down to view some of my other coins. PS Scroll all the way down and you'll see this set I have to offer. These are all the half-cents and large cents minted in the 19th century. The coins range from VG+ to EF in grade. I'm only selling this item as a set only! It's very difficult to find all of these coins in these grades for this price. I'm also selling them as a set as I would like to see a true collector have a good representation of these obsolete coins as their type in the 19th century. You'll have to excuse me but very old "toned" copper doesn't photo very well! From left to right: 1801 VG-F large cent, 1812 VG-F (very tough to get this grade, most are cull's or good at best)large cent, 1825 VF-EF large cent, 1853 large cent VF-EF, 1805 half cent (small 5) VF-EF, 1832 half cent EF, 1854 half cent EF. This is sold only as a total set at $450.00. These coins were either photo or sight graded. Thanks again for surfing my site. Daniel Rolland Bastian.
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